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“A heartwarming story of motherhood told with rare honesty.” – Lori Radun, author of The Momnificent life – Healthy and Balanced Living for Busy Moms

A Mother’s Journey to Acceptance

Things happen to a mother when her child is diagnosed with something. It’s like she becomes the pilot of an airplane that is headed for the Bermuda Triangle – a strange and unknown dimension that thrusts her into this whole chaotic world devoid of normalcy – whatever that is. I don’t care what anyone tells you, when you find out your child has a condition or disorder, it’s devastating. It changes things inside of you. 

When Jacob was diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome (TS), I went into immediate panic mode. Did I give this to him? Was it my fault? What did I do wrong? With these thoughts reeling through my mind, I began to slowly disappear into my son’s diagnosis, and it consumed my every waking, and sometimes sleeping moments. I searched for answers, cures, solutions – anything to take this away from him. Anything to fix him.

Then something started to happen. I began to really look at Jacob and I noticed that his TS didn’t bother him. It didn’t stop him from being a “normal” kid. Even Nicholas, our youngest, didn’t seem to notice Jacob was different. So why did it bother me so much? Once I started paying attention to how life really was for Jacob and not how I perceived it to be, once I started accepting things the way they really were, life for Jacob, and for all of us began to change. 

Praise for He’s Not Broken

For any mother/friend of someone whose child has a diagnosis of some kind. This book is real, it is raw. Anyone who has a child that has been diagnosed with anything, any friend of a person whose child has a diagnosis should read this book.   

– Amazon review Tanya A.

Brilliant piece of work! Let me first start by saying I never finish books. This book was completely different. Ginger’s writing was engaging, raw, and authentic. As moms we are often blamed for everything our child does or doesn’t do, and we are often our own worst critics. This book will remind you that we are ALWAYS doing the very best at any given time.   

– Amazon review Lori R.

A Heartfelt Memoir. More than an explanation of Tourette’s Syndrome, this personal account delves into a mother’s struggle to come to terms with this condition’s hold over her son and her family. A first hand account of her battle with the challenges that TS presents as well as with the feelings it manifests in her. Although this book chronicles her son’s early life with this affliction, it is actually an emotional accounting of the author’s reactions to TS and how she tries to cope with it. A fascinating and well-written book, it can be a bit heartbreaking, but it is ultimately tender and full of love that delivers a message of great hope.

– Amazon review Scott M.

Heartfelt and Moving! If you are a parent, grandparent, teacher or friend of someone with a challenge, please read this book! It is so heartfelt and comforting to those who are trying to maneuver the day to day of living with a child who is dealing with something. As the grandparent of a child who had “issues”, I saw first hand the roller coaster of emotions, frustrations, the educational process, the doubts, and yes, the tremendous blessings. This book will touch your heart with its honesty, assuage your doubts as a parent, and certainly give you hope that there IS a brighter future for each child.”

– Amazon review, Maggie S.