I’m Published!!



Yesterday I had an article of mine published on The Mighty’s website. If you aren’t familiar with the site read this for  a full explanation of who they are and who they represent. If you are familiar with them, then you already know how amazing their content is and why I feel so honored to be a contributor for them now.

I would absolutely love it, and you, if you would take the time to go over and read the article if you haven’t already. As a writer with a book on the horizon, it is imperative that I build a platform for my work. The more readers I have, the more likes and follows, all of these add to my platform and will help me out in the long run.

The edits on my book are nearly finished and I will be submitting them to an agent. If all goes well, the changes will be accepted and she will take me on as a client. The story on The Mighty is just one of the many parts of my bigger story, my book, He’s Not Broken.

Stick with me guys. I have a lot to say. If I play my cards right, then maybe one day I’ll be able to meet my supporters in person on book tours. It’s a dream of mine.

If you have a moment, please head on over to The Mighty and check out my piece on Tourette Syndrome.

Published by Ginger McGee

I am a writer and artist living in Savannah, Georgia.

7 thoughts on “I’m Published!!

  1. What a nice ending to your story. I have (well medicated) Tourettes and while I’m not vocal in theaters, I have sunk business deals for my company with my ‘odd’ behavior. Congrats on being published and best luck with your book. Having written one is an amazing achievement.


    1. Thanks for stopping by, Jeff. Fortunately, my son no longer tics. Unfortunately, once the tics left town, the backup – OCD and social anxiety – took its spot. I’m sorry you’ve lost business due to your tics. People can be so misunderstood. I wish you all the best. Again, thanks for stopping by. Hope to “see” you around.


  2. Ahhh so good. I am an adult with TS. I am in graduate school pursuing a doctorate in Audiology; going to be an ear doctor in 3 short years! I get stares a lot when I am studying in cafes and the like, but I know my right to be here is the same as everyone else’s. Thank you for standing up and being an advocate. It’s so, so important. –KMJ


    1. Thank you so much for reading and leaving a comment. We all need to advocate. I apologize for taking so long to respond. I’m dealing with my own demons at the moment. Peace to you. And good luck on your future career.


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