Messages from the Universe

I did my daily tarot pull this morning and turned over the Judgment card from The Linestrider’s Tarot deck. My first thought was who’s judging me and what are they judging me about? Then, as if on cue, the Universe poked me and I thought wait a minute. I don’t need anyone else to judge me because I’m a one-woman show with a script that clearly needs to be edited. Yep, I do all the judging in house.

Clearly, it was a message I needed to hear. Then I pulled an oracle card from my Oracle of Mystical Moments deck, and was given the message No Rain Today. I laughed because today is, in fact, a rainy day. However, the message was not lost on me. I fight thunderclouds in my head daily. Once again, I’m capable of bringing my own storm to the table.

Finally, I pulled a card from The Spirit Animal Oracle deck and I got the Buffalo Spirit who presents himself to remind me that the abundant Universe will provide. His message went on to say that self-pity, fear and lack are all “thought viruses” that seduce you into darkness. That’s right a darkness where you judge yourself, and bring your own storm. A darkness that can bring you to your knees. The card suggested that I approach each day with a sense of abundance and gratitude for what I have and what is to come.

So the theme of my pulls today was get out of your own head! After having set up camp there decades ago, it’s a very difficult move for me to make, but one I am determined to start packing for. It may take me months (years?) to get there, but I’ve already plugged the address into my internal GPS. Unfortunately, the Universe has to keep re-routing me because I often stray from the path.

Are you your own worst critic? Are you being controlled by your own thought viruses? Maybe your internal GPS is offline. Today let’s all focus on getting back on track. Don’t focus on all the work that needs to be done. Stick to today. What can you do today to vaccinate yourself against your own thought viruses? As for me, I’m going to reflect today on what I’m grateful for. And I’m going to thank the Universe in advance for providing me with the tools I need to do just that.

Approach your wants as expectations, not hopes. By expecting you are telling the Universe that you know it will happen. Expectation is based on belief. Tell the Universe what you want then take action and expect good things to happen!

I believe in you!



Published by Ginger McGee

I am a writer and artist living in Savannah, Georgia.

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