Me at three years old
Me at three years old

The extremely short, bulleted version of me, Ginger McGee:

  • Believer in magic
  • Lover of animals
  • Avid reader and writer
  • Messy painter
  • Collector of old boxes and suitcases
  • Free spirit
  • Empath
  • Music lover and hairbrush singer
  • Pluviophile
  • Dreamer of Ireland

What is this Paper Soup you speak of?

Paper Soup is a place for me to share my thoughts, an open forum to figure things out and settle the static in my head.

Soup has always been a comfort food for me, and my writing has always been my safe place. I hope that Paper Soup will offer comfort to others and allow everyone a safe place to settle in for a little verbal nourishment now and then.