All These Things


Depression is so much more than just sadness. Comparing sadness and depression is like saying that getting wet and drowning are the same thing. These poems are about my co-existence with my mental illness – a glimpse into my “drowning moments”. There is no shame in mental illness, and I refuse to remain silent. I share my voice so that others will know they are not alone. I share my words so that those whose words have been stolen can find comfort, and possibly healing. I share my story because that is the only thing I know how to do. 

All These Things is my gift to anyone suffering from depression or any other mental illness, and those whose lives intersect with them. The stigma surrounding mental illness needs to be dropped. We are different, but we are not broken.

Praise for All These Things

Beautiful and Inspiring. This book will inspire you to reach inside and find your truths. It will give you support, knowing you do not suffer alone. It will be a voice for you when you can’t find your own. I highly recommend adding this to your library or gifting to a friend in need. 

– Laura S.

Relative poems worth reading. As a person who can most certainly identify with depression, I recommend this for anyone else who suffers (or, as in my case, suffered). There’s a certain comfort in knowing another human being actually knows what it’s like to drown in a well of darkness. Alas! After several vain attempts at ending my own life and ever wishing I simply didn’t exist, there is now light and love and peace.Finally, if you are ever fortunate enough to meet the author you will know that she, like seemingly all the rest of us who can relate, is harboring a magnetic level of energy that, as we surely all know, can make the mundane tasks in life seemingly overwhelming at times. She has presence. I promise you will look down at her right foot, if you happen to be standing.  Russell W. 

– Russell W.

My favorite book. i have never related so much to a book before.. this does not only tell her journey but it tells others journey too and it has the cold hard truth no sugarcoating its raw and absolutely beautiful. when you are reading you can feel the authors soul in those pages! definitely recommending to my friends!! 

– Amazon customer review