D.E.A.R. Universe #2

Original sketch by Ginger McGee


D.E.A.R. Universe,

Here I am again. I figured I should backtrack from my last letter and give credit where credit is due. Yeah, to you, of course, but to the one who introduced me to you, Mike Dooley.

Last week, Thanksgiving week to be exact, I was feeling anything but thankful. You see, there’s a lot going on in my little neck of the words lately. My oldest son has been battling some severe depression and anxiety issues. My youngest is kind of caught in between, and despises school to boot. The two love each other fiercely, but aren’t exactly getting along – eight years is a big age difference.

In addition, husband is perpetually overworked, and I’m perpetually menopausal. I’m sure you can see how this all might add up to a very non-thankful Thanksgiving for me.

Did I mention that I’m on blood pressure medicine that I ran out of and forgot to get refilled? Yep. 161/101. That was my BP the day before Thanksgiving.

Little did I know you were trying to get my attention!

So I grabbed my Kindle, and settled in for a rest. Sign 1: On the front page there was a book recommendation. The Top Ten Things Dead People Want You To Know by the aforementioned Mike Dooley. As a person who has lost someone significant, and loves the whole psychic thing, my interest was piqued.

I had never heard of Mike Dooley. I went to his website and found this about something he started in 1998 Notes From the Universe,

The Notes are brief emails written by “The Universe,” personalized with your name (and occasionally your goals and dreams), designed to remind you that you have, indeed, been given dominion over all things. -Mike Dooley


Sign 2: Scrolling further down, I saw a section called “Praise for the Notes”, and there was a photo of Jason Mraz!

“Notes from the Universe remind me I’m a part of something much bigger and that my dreams are constantly being realized. I love them! Thanks Mike!” -Jason Mraz

I love that guy!! He’s one of my favorite singer/songwriters. His album Love is a Four Letter Word helped me through another particularly rough patch of my life. Needless to say, I bought the book and started reading it immediately.

In the introduction something he said resonated with me. Regarding truth, my mom has always told me that when something is true, it will feel true. The truth will carry with it emotions that are almost too big for your human self. Sign 3: So when I read this and got goosebumps, yes, I really did, I knew it to be the truth – my truth. Nothing extremely profound, but it gave me that feeling and made me turn the page.

And it doesn’t matter how you find it, just that you do, and the sooner you do, the greater your peace. The way you’ll know it’s the truth is that it’ll make sense: logically, intellectually, and emotionally which isn’t too often the case given the versions of it that’ve been tossed about in recent millennia. Finding it, you’ll feel liberated, empowered, clear, joyful, loving, your confusion banished. And then suddenly you’ll see its evidence everywhere, even right under your very nose, including your nose itself. -Mike Dooley

I couldn’t put the book down. You definitely had my attention. I highlighted and created notes, and the entire time I had a smile on my face because I knew in my heart that everything I was reading was true.

You see, you knew the way to get me to pay attention was with words – a book. Honestly, I think the book should be required reading. We all deserve to know the truth, although I don’t think we’re all ready. I’ve read similar books that didn’t have the same affect, because I wasn’t ready. But this time, with this book, you were showing me that it was time.

Thank you!!!!!

As I always do when someone, or something stirs a part of my soul, I found Mike on Facebook, and I reached out to him. I hoped that I might get a response, but that’s not why I wrote to him. I just feel it necessary to tell others when they have a profound affect on me. But guess what? Sign 4: He wrote me back!!!!

I could go on and on and on forever, but suffice it to say that, you, my delicious, enthusiastic, ambitious, remarkable Universe, you are incredible. I love the way you work, so mysteriously, through others.

So, go on, get outta here and get your magic on!

Love and kisses,

Ginger, the possibilitarian

D.E.A.R. Universe



D.E.A.R. Universe,

You mysterious thing, you! Just when I begin to think things will never get better, you gently push me over the edge.

And while I’m free-falling, kicking and screaming, you whisper, “Open your eyes. Open your eyes and see.”

“What?” I scream. “I’m looking and all that’s there is a whole lot of empty space, which I happen to be currently falling through at warp speed. A little help please!!”

“You’re doing it wrong.”

“I’m doing it wr – wait, seriously? Now you’re critiquing my death plummet? Nice.”

“Stop looking.”

“God, I’m so confused. Confused and DYING! First, you want me to look. Now, you want me to stop looking?”


“Care to elaborate while I flail helplessly through space?”


“No, I don’t see! Please just –”

“Stop looking. And see.”

“Looking. Seeing. Same. Freaking. Thing.”

“No, it’s not.”

“Ok, I’ll bite. Not much else to do as I fly dying.”

“You’ve always looked. All your life. Looking for love — ”

“In all the wrong places. Get it? Oh, never mind.”

“Looking for answers. Looking for God. But if you never see, then any looking you have done will be in vain.”

“I don’t get it.”

“And you never will until you stop looking. You look around you now and you see ’empty space’. Looking is a quick action, a surface scan, if you will. If I gave you a flower right now, like this -”

And just like that I’m holding a daisy, which is quite appropriate since I’ll be pushing them up soon.

“Hey, if you can manifest a daisy, you think maybe you might manage to conjure up a parachute, or at least a field of pillows?”

“Yes, you identify the flower as a daisy by looking. But –”

“I’m guessing that’s a no on the parachute.”

“But now I want you to see the flower. Go beyond the surface. What do you see?”

“It’s white. It’s soft. Looks like a star…oh, wow, I never noticed the center, it looks like smaller yellow flowers, more stars. And the pattern is so perfect.”

“You’re still falling, you know.”

“Oh crap! Yeah, there’s that.”

“But you forgot. That you were falling.”

“We aren’t really talking about daisies anymore are we?”

“No, we’re not. You’ve been on edge a bit lately –”

“Oh, you’re a witty one.”

“You worry and fret moment to moment and day to day. You look left and right for the right thing to do, the right way to be. What if I do it wrong? What if I make a bad decision? But you’re missing the small picture. The now. It’s time to see and be seen. You all have no idea that all the time you spend looking for this and that, could be spent on seeing what’s all around you. Close your eyes.”


“Close your eyes.”


“Now open them and tell me what you see.”

I open my eyes slowly, and in that moment, I’m no longer falling. I’m flying. And it’s the most beautiful feeling I’ve ever felt.

“What do you see?”

“Possibility. So much possibility.”


Thank you for being patient with me, Universe.


Ginger, the possibilitarian